a place to upload your random photos

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for posting that super-random photo you took/found on the internet
Hello. We're a pretty laid back community. You can advertise, just as long as you post a picture with it.

1. No cross posting. (aka: Don't post your personal journal entries on here/do not post any other community entry on here)
2. If you don't like some sarcasm, do not join.
3. If a photo that you would like to post is not suitable for eyes that are under age 18, please put it behind a cut with a warning.
4. Don't insult the poster. Just the image.
5. You cannot ask where to upload photos to. Here is the easiest place, so you don't have to ask. http://www.photobucket.com
6. Posting about cameras is okay, but post a picture too!
7. Every post must include a picture. No picture, you're out.
8. One picture per post. (starting 06.17.04)

Pictures that cannot be posted:no porn, nothing dirty. pretty easy.
Pictures that can be posted: ^ anything that isn't that. k thanks.